The Fight Begins


Yesterday, February 21st, 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After three weeks of numerous tests, biopsies, and grueling days of waiting, I finally had an answer. It all started in the last week of January when I felt an unusual lump in my left breast. I thought nothing serious of it and said to myself “it’s probably just a cyst.” Well, I was right. It was just a cyst; a cyst that prompted me to go to my ob/gyn who sent me for my first mammogram/ultrasound and breast MRI.

My first mammogram went well. Nothing was detected. The ultrasound showed the mass I complained about and so the doctor, not taking any chances, decided a biopsy should be done. The results came back benign! Hurray! But these results were short lived. The doctor, unsatisfied with these results, decided that an MRI would be more definitive in picking up any areas not visible in ultrasound. He was completely right about his assumptions. An irregular mass came up, completely unrelated to the cyst I felt, showing irregular edges. Had it not been for the benign cyst forming in my breast, the malignant tumor might have gone undetected for possibly years. Without a second thought, I was quickly scheduled for a second targeted ultrasound with biopsy. The second biopsy went smoothly and was less painful than the first.  I was so hopeful I would be all clear  so I could forget about all of this and go on with my life.

Those next four days of waiting for results were eternal, also because my two year old coincidentally came down with pneumonia, putting all of us on edge. Thankfully his symptoms improved quickly and I was able to breather easier for a moment. But finally, the phone call came. With a knot in my throat I picked up the phone and was greeted by a friendly voice ” Hi Guisella, I have your results. When can you come in to discuss them?”  I begged the RN to just tell me what the results said, that my son was sick with pneumonia, and there was no way I could leave my house to discuss this. She responded “I’m sorry but I am not authorized to deliver these types of results over the phone. You will have to come in.” I knew my answer at that point. After some pleading, she connected me with a doctor who said the words I’d been dreading. At my young age of 30, I was another victim. I looked over at my husband and my little boy and just though about how this would affect them and my family in NJ. In one instant my life as I knew it changed for good.

After delivering the news to my mother, a two time breast cancer survivor, I made a choice. I can either crumble, or I can fight the way she did. I saw my mother battle this disease twice and admire the courage she had to fight for her life. She never gave up during her battle and debilitating treatments.  I made the choice to fight. And I plan to win. This is my fight and this blog is my attempt to keep me motivated and positive through this next chapter in my life. Join me in this fight against this terrible disease that has afflicted so many of the strong women in my family and so many strong women all over the world. I am hoping that it will be a short lived fight and that I will feel like myself in no time. I am a huge believer in the power of positive energies and positive thinking. I believe the power of our own good intentions and those of the people around us, has a profound impact on the outcome of events in our lives. I ask that you send all your positive energies my way as I know that they will help me stay strong. I know that my son, my pride and joy, will have his mama for a lifetime to come!


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